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The Advocate Network was a personal task to develop a blogging community.
The logo reflects the website by using a variety of colours similar to the website design I had in mind, and the bird is used to represent a calm, friendly community.
This was the final website design after it had been coded together. The design came together really well and created a friendly feel and usability for the user. Unfortunately I'm not so good with videos so I didn't and still don't have a good video for the homepage.
During 2010 I set myself a personal task/goal to create a website where users can go and register, submit and modify blogs while building their own online profile. And here's the results.

Inspiration: WordPress, Blogging websites, Forums.

Also for the website, I had to design and construct a relatively simple logo to distinguish the network. After jotting down a few ideas and putting together two or three concepts, I collected feedback from friends. I then came to my final decision and went with the colourful bird (as shown on both images above).

I hope you like my work!
This website was made for practice and is focused on the 'WordPress' website as inspiration. I had no intentions with keeping the website live for a long period of time.

Sorry to any existing users but I have now closed the website down as I am progressing onto a much larger project.