Advise THIS! Matchmaking Startups

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  • Advise THIS! Matchmaking Startups & High Profile Advisors
    Presenters: Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder, VaynerMedia; JR Johnson, Founder, Trippy; Tim FerrissAuthor/Investor, Four Hour Work Week; Tony Conrad, True Ventures
    Artist: Heather Willems
  • Ever thought about launching your startup with some influencer star power? What exactly do "advisors" do (and not do)? It takes more than a pretty face to pin point a truly smart advisor partnership. The right fit requires on-brand positioning for both the advisor and the start up, which can be harder than it sounds. Once you find that fit, building a mutually beneficial relationship that aligns both party's interests is well worth the hustle it takes to make it happen. Find out how to stand apart from the pack that's courting your ideal high-profile partner. Also learn how equity deals can be structured in the most compelling way, and how to get that "in" to catch the star's attention.