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  • Art Direction. Collaboration with different photographers and illustrators
    Beer Advertorial
  • Illustration by Kasey Albano
    Tiki Inspired Cocktails Advertorial
  • Layout sketch
  • Final page. Illustration by Wilver Alquino
    IWS Advertorial
  • Colored wine bottle rings were used to create the Types of Wine chart.
    MIDPAC & IWS Holiday Drinks Advertorial
  • product layout sketch
  • Holiday Drinks Advertorial. Photography by Jay Tablante
  • Valentine Inspired Drinks Advertorial
  • Valentines Drink Advertorial. Photography by Pat Mateo and Food Styling by Giannina Gonzales
  • Monster Energy Drink Advertorial
  • Final page. Photography by Adrian Banu
  • Heineken Advertorial
  • Sketch layout with color and elements peg.
  • Final page. Background illustration by Wilver Alquino
    Miller Lite Punch Top Advertorial
  • Final page. Illustrations by Ralph Guibani
    Travel Drinks for MIDPAC and IWS
    Patron Tequila Advertorial
    Toasting Etiquette Advertorial
    Don Q Advertorial