Advertising - Vans Shoes

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  • Shoe Advertisement
    Our brief was to design a series of adverts promoting a new shoe. 
    I chose a shoe I had seen a few weeks ago - the new spring 2012 collection - Vans California skate Hi-tops I could instantly see the possibilities for designing an advert for these shoes.
    Please feel free to ask any questions - or contact me at
  • I wanted to capture that retro California glow feeling with the spirit of the original skate movement in the 1970's.
  • More of a straight to the point explicit text based advert. I wanted to make the colour and imagery quite punchy and bold, whilst keeping a contrast of subtle textures.
  • I wanted to take advantage and use the colours and feel of traditional film, the stuff that used to play around with light and exposure. I also wanted to create a geometric pattern design using the curves and lines of the shoes, to lay over top of the background. 

  • I thought this image was beautiful and strong enough to leave all by itself. The light and warmth of the image with the bold white text and red logo were all it needed to support.

  • I love the curves of the signs and movement.
     I tried to fit in some sly subliminal advertising using the "Only" road sign and the Vans reference faintly coming through on the tarmac.