Adventures of Alex

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  • Adventures of Alex - Journey to Antarctica
    Illustration / Print / Typography / Layout
  • The Adventures of Alex is a fun, interactive story book for children. It was created as a part of my final year Degree Project for Computer Graphic Design. The project explored ways of engaging children with the narrative. The structure of the book was inspired from the concept of artists book. It was an attempt to take interactivity to a new level. The story was based on a script written by a friend and renowned water color artist, Alfred Memelink. I re-wrote and edited the content and created the illustrations. The chapter were compiled in separate boxes, each with its own symbol. These were then enclosed in a leather cover. The book comes with a content map that helps the reader navigate through the chapters. The book contains a mix of 2-D and 3-D illustrations with movable parts.

    The story illustrates a little penguin's journey back to his homeland - Antarctica - on a ship.
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