Are you Driven?
    Build your fitness, strength, and speed to reach your peak performance All Day with Adrian Peterson Driven, the OFFICIAL training app of the 2012 MVP and Offensive Player of the Year, Adrian Peterson. Simple to use and easy to follow workouts help you achieve the fitness and physique of an elite athlete, with a focus on strength, agility, and movement – follow along and get motivated as Adrian Peterson walks you through each exercise in high quality video. Personal assessments and an interactive Depth Chart let you compete against yourself and your friends for added motivation. Whether you’re bound for gridiron glory or just looking for a pro-level fitness routine, Adrian Peterson Driven will help unlock your inner MVP!

    Motion Design: Igor Gama
    Graphic Design: Luis Machado Vaz
                   Sample Intro animation
  •               Hurdles
  •               Ladder
  •               None
                  Sample Intro Animation
  •               Bosu Ball
  •               Drumbbels
  •               Swiss Ball
  •               Medicine Ball e Pull Up Bar
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