Adidas - Unite All Originals

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  • Adidas Originals held an open competition (via talenthouse) to find artwork for their new "Unite All Originals" campaign.  Winners will be displayed in the London and Liverpool adidas stores in a unique exhibition over the course.
    For my submission, I decided I would approach it as a commercial piece, using the idea that the company delivers fresh streetwear to an otherwise dull looking environment.  I began by creating the logo in Cinema 4D  as the centrepiece, for instant brand recognition, then building from this to strengthen my theme.
  • In-Situ Mock Up
  • It Begins! Basic logo modelling
  • Logo with Thrausi and Random Poly FX
  • Final logo render ready for importing into photoshop
  • Debris render ready for photoshop
  • A snippet of the layer building process
  • Thanks for taking the time to check out this project!