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Website for one of the biggest holding companies in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

holding website development
by Deasign Russia

 01 / Pitch concepts

Intro video

Second concept

Third concept
The cards

02 / Intro video

Concept and keyframes

Work in progress...

Final video

03 / Structure and Wireframes

Going back to the structure

Object map

Timeline wireframes

04 / Moodboard and Look&Feel


Links and buttons


05 / Timeline

UI and overall look research

Getting lighter...

...and the final touch

Got a bit tired of the process) Need some break

06 / Support layouts and details

Typography styles for all possible cases

Sitemaps —

... and full

Checking menu items for shorter names

404 and other errors page

Search results

Backgrounds and a lot of other stuff...

960px width adaptation

07 / Final layouts

Main page

First level page

News list

Contact page

Second level page

Third level page

That's it!
Find it online here: