AdWords certified small bussines website

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  • POVEČAJ OBISK is a small commercial website for an AdWords certified company providing information, consulting and services to increase numbers of ("quality") website visitors and potential clients for small-medium sized bussineses in Slovenia. 
  • Keeping in mind that the client wanted a strictly fixed width website (no fluidity or responsiveness) my idea was to keep the landing page simple and clean of unnecessary information clutter, allowing visitors to be directed into subcategories that fit their needs (graphic shown on hover) while showcasing the latest services / advice etc. in a slideshow with custom made graphics.  I already made this first custom graphic/illustration: 3 steps toward guaranted profi - explaining it simply - while the road is getting steeper and harder to climb, you are also getting closer to the finish line.
  • Later on the website was almost completely changed and reorganized by the client, deciding they will stick to a 2 row layout. This is their website now: