Ad Campaign (concept) Dalwhinnie Scotch

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  • This is a series of concept ads for Dalwhinnie Single Malt Scotch.  Each piece was created to evoke nostalgia in a predominantly male audience.  Each ad depicts a trigger from specific "rights of passage" that they go through with their father's on their path to adulthood.  Shaving, fishing, and learning to tie a necktie.  This particular set of ads reminds the younger man of all the great times had with his father and that he can still share great moments with him over a dram of great Scotch Whisky. 

    Each object in the ad began as a hand-sketch and ink wash, which was then scanned in, cleaned up and colour correct in photoshop.  The photography of both bottle and glass was produced by myself as well as the ad copy.  The pieces were then laid out in InDesign to print specifications.

    I also fully endorse this Whisky, it is quite nice!!
  •  This ad attempts to reconnect the viewer with the rite of passage that is the first shave. 
  • It is the childhood memories of "fishing with Dad" that this ad is trying to evoke.
  • Learning to tie a tie is something that every young man must learn, and who best to teach than the man who wore one every day?