• Active Microclimate Cooling System
  • The Active Microclimate Cooling System is a personal, lightweight cooling system that will normalize temperature for specialized professionals, such as firemen, law enforcement officers, military personnel, industrial workers (mining, construction, petroleum, and refineries industries), and sports practitioners.

    Various professionals wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) are at a higher risk of hyperthermia (heat stroke) than the norm. The majority of PPE protects individuals with Aramids (i.e. fragmentation, ballistic, and fire protection), which create a micro-environment that does not allow sweat and heat to evacuate the body efficiently.
    Using smart aerodynamics, the Innovation suctions away body fluids to enhance the body’s thermoregulation, thus providing comfort and dryness. The system is one size fits all, compatible for men and women, and has an ambidextrous design (eliminating front/back placement error during donning). The ergonomic design of this cooling system does not impede on ease or range of motion. With an operational capacity of eight hours, the Innovation allows the user to function within a regular working shift. The cooling system’s user-centered configuration reduces human error and simplifies the logistics burden associated with electronic industrial wear.

    This product is patent pending.
  • Thermal Analysis of the Human Body reveals that a high percentage of the heat produced by the body at rest is located on the torso.
  • Initial brainstorming sketches to explore different fan configurations.
  • Patternmaking for the load-carriage harness.
  • Styling of the exterior face with the integration of the vortex and airflow elements.
  • Renshape model with fan assembly
  • Finished Product