Achieve It With Sesame Street

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  • As part of the award-winning Two Bulls team, I had the pleasure of working alongside a talented group of team members to help in creating this fun-filled game app. My duties on this project was predominantly aiding in the User Interface Design and User Experience of the app, including the creation of sketched wireframes and photo manipulation. Some concept icon designs were also produced but don't resemble final icon as seen on the iTunes App Store.

    Achieve it with Sesame Street is an app for your child to use in helping them to learn the all important financial basics through visually engaging, fun challenges. These challenges are specifically designed to easily fit into children's daily routines.

    Guardians and/or parents can help children set goals and complete them through rewarding, real-life challenges that ultimately introduce kids to financial concepts such as choice, value, spending, saving, sharing and more. This app is free to download on the iTunes App Store so get on it with your children and give them a whole new world of exploring financial learning opportunities.

  • Achieve it with Sesame Street
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