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  • Once again Oblako is returning to collaboration with Innova Systems over their popular MMORPG "Ace Online".

  • This time our task was about creating an illustrative background fortwo different blogs, belonging to two adversary in-game fractions.While reading the story of each fraction we came up with two differentdesign approaches. First was about delivering a sense of totalitariansociety for the first fraction. Second one was about somewhat anarchicunion. Then we visualised both with a rough sketch.
  • "Totalitarian" sketch
  • "Anarchic" sketch
  • After the sketches were ready, we've selected a number of aircrafts from the game and began to making a composition with objects on stage. Then we took our time for a matte-painting of the backgrounds. Numerous references were used while building background for our scenes. The process was finished after refining some minor details.
  • Graphic references for background
  • You can take a look at both illustrations in high-res via our Flickr account,
    and, of course you can visit our site.