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    Acceptance Packet for Biola University
Acceptance Packet for Biola
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Once the recruitment phase is over, we start sending out Acceptance Packets to the “chosen.” It’s a pretty exciting time for a senior in high school, and we wanted to match the excitement and anticipation with a worthy carrier of such good news.

The packet acts as more than just an acceptance letter. It holds a certificate of admission, a letter from the director of admissions, as well as a next steps folder filled with useful fliers specific to the student’s needs. One of my favorite projects this past year.
The mailer envelope and main folder.
The folder features a blind emboss of our seal on the cover.
The interior of the folder features a large image of more paper craft and a message beneath the acceptance letter, “We can’t wait to see you!”
It’s not visible in the pics, but the certificate was printed in all metallic inks.
The What’s Next Insert was designed to make the next steps in the enrollment process easier on the new student.
When you pull the What's Next folder out of the pocket, it reveals a checklist that will have been filled out by an admissions counselor, telling the student what to do next.
Inside the folder, the admissions counselor will have included fliers of info that pertain to what's on the checklist.
As an added feature, we provided a QR Code on the acceptance letter. When scanned it would direct you to a website built to welcome the new student. The site features a video of our president welcoming the new student, as well as links to follow the prez on twitter and friend him on facebook. You can check the site out for yourself, if you like.
Creative/Art Direction, Lead Design: Jess Kemp
Designer, Illustrator, Typographer: Jeffrey Hiendarto
Web Designer/Programmer: Tim Beardshear
Web Developer: Jimmy Lam