• Acadie & Yala (ยะลา)
    MA Typeface Design
  • Acadie and Yala (ยะลา) are text typefaces for branding catalogs and are drawn independently. Designed for long passages of text, these typefaces are best suited for an advertising role needing a strong personality.

    Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts in Typeface Design,
    Department of Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading, 2010.
    To view a typeface specimen and a report on practice: http://www.typefacedesign.org/2010/
  • Acadie  |  Regular and Italic (in-progress)

    A text typeface of a
    higher contrast informed by handwritten scripts accentuates informality. Acadie regular and italic are drawn with reference to the broad-edged pen. To enhance liveliness and avoid a static monolinear stroke, Acadie utilizes higher contrast with a tall x-height to create an energetic visual impression on a page. OpenType features such as proportional/tabular, lining/old style figures are used in page numbers, references or product information. Also, alternate glyphs with swash characteristics, single-story counters and alternative outstrokes extend the visual impression of the typeface on the page.
  • Yala (ยะลา)  |  Regular (in-progress)

    Yala Regular is also created with reference to the broad-edged pen. Precedents examined are Adobe Thai, Sukothai and other angular typefaces printed in 1930 letterpress editions. The design of Yala creates an even color suitable for long texts and even diacritical positioning.