• The new custom lettering design.
  • Abu Ahmad Barbershop
    The fourth project of Wajha initiative that provided FREE design services to create signage and directional graffiti for a barbershop in an authentic area in the city of Amman. The project was completed in collaboration with the traditional sign painter Abed Jokhi.
  • Outdoor Signage
  • The loose old sign of the barbershop.
  • Abu Ahmad, the owner, happy with his new redesign.
  • The second sign at the entrance of the stairs.
  • An outdoor poster which was inspired from the uncle Sam poster "I want you". It translates to: "I want you to shave".
  • The graffiti version of  the outdoor poster.
  • The Sign Painter Abed Jokhi
  • Abed Jokhi at his workshop. 
  • Directional Graffiti
  • Some of the multilingual Way-finding graffiti stencils that were sprayed in downtown, Alkalha stairs, and Alweibdeh, which lead to Abu Ahmad Barbershop. 
  • THe mighty stencil.
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