Abstract Paintings with Lines

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  • Not That Kind of Girlfriend - acrylic paint, laytex paint, plaster, spray-paint, Starbucks coffee and Mt. Dew on wood palette
  • Now I'm Exhausted - plaster, acrylic paint, laytex paint and spray-paint on wood palette
  • 36 Weeks - wax, acrylic paint, spray-paint, laytex paint and primer on burnt wood
  • Building Steam with a Grain of Salt - acrylic paint, spray-paint and laytex paint on wood panel
  • A series of abstract paintings embellished with vaguely figural shapes. These paintings are a mix of traditional art materials and found/appropriated liquids and objects. The title of each piece is a song played on repeat as part of the art making process. These paintings were all completed in 2000.
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