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    It all starts with ABSOLUT Blank New Designers 2012 ABSOLUT Blank Competition
    As part of our continuing partnership with ABSOLUT VODKA, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new competition, exclusive to all exhibitors across both weeks of this year's New Designers.

    The globally renowned brand are looking for six graduates (three from Part 1 and another three from Part 2) to create their own ABSOLUT Blank design, live at this year’s exhibition on one of the ABSOLUT feature stands. The six graduates will be chosen on the basis of their proposed design which should be created using ABSOLUT Blank template. The designs should only be limited by the scope of your imagination. The criteria will be based on the ABSOLUT mantra: ‘Doing things differently creates something exceptional’.

    As I got through the finalist, I had to create my design live on a 6ft canvas on a day and a half. A difficult task that was, but in the end I got to something almost as good as the original photo I've created digitally..