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  • Abduzeedo Inspiration Guide for Designers 
    Released in 2010
    Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso, who has wildly popular design blog Abduzeedo, has created the definitive guide to design. This book features interviews with designers and offers tutorials on various design styles, an extension of what he does with his site abduzeedo.com. Each chapter addresses a particular style, e.g., Vintage, Neo-surrealism, Retro 80s, Light Effects, Collage, Vector, and starts off with an explanation about the style and techniques that go into that style. Next, the Abduzeedo Design Guide shows images from different visual artists illustrating each style. Fábio interviews a master of each style, such as, in the case of 80s, James White. Then he wraps up the chapter with a tutorial showing the elements and techniques for creating that style in Photoshop.
    Meant for beginning to intermediate designers as well as more experienced designers looking for inspiration, the book focuses on styles that can be applied both to web or print.
    Alexis Papageorgiou
    Amanda Macedo
    Fabiano Meneghetti
    Fabio Sasso
    Francois Hoang
    Gisele Muller
    Paulo Canabarro
    Paulo Gabriel
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    Chris Vector
    Chuck Anderson
    Erik Johansson
    Justin Maller
    James White
    Karl Kawnsy
    Nik Ainley
    Featured Artists
    Adrian Romero
    Aiven (Yvan Feusi)
    Alex Varanese
    Alexander Lataille
    Ari Weinkle
    Benjamin Low
    Carlos Lerma
    Diego L Rodriguez
    EL Nombre
    Ed Lopez
    Erik Schumacher
    Evan Bohringer
    Felix Ajenjo
    Floris Hermsen
    Gaetan Weltzer
    Genaro DeSia Coppola
    Guilherme Marconi
    Horacio Lorente
    Jeff Huang
    Karan Singh
    Mart Biemans
    Neil Hanvey
    Nicolas Monin-Baroille
    Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen
    Perttu Murto
    Pete Harrison (AEIKO)
    Przemek Nawrocki
    Rob Shields
    Sergei Vlasov
    Simon Duhamel
    Sorin Bechira
    Ollipekka Lauhiainen