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Création de l'identité graphique et du packaging.
Creation of the graphic identity and packaging.
Abbé Rous is a personal project of a wine brand, specifically a wine cooperative in the south of France. Its production, although high quality, suffers at once from the economic crisis, the decline in wine consumption and competition from foreign wines.

The brand wants to create a total identity, coherent, dynamic and innovative, offering a strong identification among other products onthe market. It wants to be part of a more aggressive communication and up to date. It targets younger and active customers, heirs of the French wine tradition, but nevertheless sensitive to a renewal, to a modernization of the image it conveys.

The identity was designed to seduce this type of customers and to be visible at first glance in the supermarket shelves. The bottles stand out from the traditional wine bottles that often put forward their point of production and a kind of prestige with the name of the castles. Therefore, the brand shows a certain dynamism by its lively colors on a black background. Here, the logo follows an international strategy and we can read it more like an image or a sign that can berecognized without having to read the name.
Sachet pour bouteille à l'unité et sachet pour coffret 3 bouteilles.
Coffret 3 bouteilles.
Cartes de visite et tablier.
Gaëlle Vila