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Health Monitoring and Recording System
Health Monitorin and Recording System
Axlepios is an ecosystem of medical products and service designed to ease the measurement and recording of health information (past and current such as complaints, tests, diagnosis and treatments), and vitals.

It consists of three different electronic devices and every piece has a different use. The main unit is where all data is stored and other devices are placed to be recharged and synched. The palm device works like a smart phone with special features and medical applications. The watch is for the elderly who don't want to use 'complicated' devices as smart phones. The watch has the same features and applications as the palm. It only cannot make or receive calls and text messages.

The whole system is designed to have a healthier community by sharing daily recorded data with the family doctor and giving easy access to the user of their  past and present health information in a detailed, clear and organized way.
Thanks to Mikhail St-Denis for letting me use the visuals of his Life Line project on some of the screen renderings.