AWARD School 2013 Final Submission

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  • Final AWARD Grad Book
  • Brief 1: EcoStore Washing Powder
    Target Audience: Anyone who washes clothes.
    Media: Poster
    Proposition: Washing powder that's better for you.
  • Brief 2: Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx 
    Target Audience: People who use a smartphone.
    Media: Print Campaign (3 executions).
    Proposition: The phone with the longest battery life.
  • Brief 3: Samsonite Suitcases
    Target Audience: Anyone who flies
    Media: Outdoor
    Proposition: The strongest suitcase you can buy
  • Brief 4: World War Z
    Target Audience: 18-45 year olds who go to the movies
    Media: Digital
    Proposition: World War Z, coming soon
  • Brief 5: Transport Accident Commission
    Target Audience: 18-30 year olds
    Media: Online Banner
    Proposition: Using your phone when driving kills
  • Brief 6: RSPCA Adopt a Pet
    Target Audience: Anyone looking for a new cat or dog
    Media: Radio (30 secs)
    Proposition: Adopt an RSPCA pet
  • Brief 7: Lilydale Free Range Chicken
  • Brief 8: Baskin and Robbins Icecream
  • Brief 9: Sexpo Exhibition
    Target Audience: Males and Females, 18 years old and over
    Media: Ambient/Promotion/Activation
    Proposition: For all things adult
  • Brief 10: Dial a Driver
  • Brief 11: Local Green Grocers
    Target Audience: Adults who but fruit and veggies
    Media: Anything