• AVL Magazin
    Corporate Publishing
  • Vehicles are expected to offer more functionality while consuming less and less fuel. AVL helps to develop top performances and at the same time to use resources responsibly.
    With over 60 years of experience, advanced technologies and excellent service AVL plays an important role in future of automotive development. The new magazine FUEL shows its innovative work in the area of fuel consumption measurement systems.
    Corporate Publishing by moodley brand identity.
    Client: AVL List GmbH
    Conception: Kirsten Ives, Sandra Raser
    Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
    Art Direction: Kurt Glänzer
    Graphic Design: Kurt Glänzer, Michael Königshofer
    3-D-Visualisation: Miro Klasnic/We Are Like
    Project Management: Christina Schachner
    Editing: Rudolf Binder, Sandra Raser
    Photographs: Marion Luttenberger, Christian Höhn, Oliver Sterk, Natalie Bothur, Visual Art House