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  • American Village Builders
    A warm and welcoming website for an old-fashioned home builder.
  • This website was winner of a CSS Award upon launch.

    American Village Builders (AVB) is a mid-western home design and development company that has been delivering incredible homes since 1981. A big part of this website design was focusing on the concept of craftsman details—elements they include when they design their homes that make them extra special. These craftsman details had to be somewhat emphasized on the design of the site, so we illustrated homey elements like wood grain and moulding.

    Site developed by YDEK Productions.

  • Inclusion of subtle details like an ornamental embellishment underneath the headline help make this design just a bit more special.
  • Bamboo-inspired wood grain background, custom-illustrated for AVB.
  • The entire site made heavy use of Thesis Serif, for a modern but elegant feel.
  • Detail on the pen illustration.
  • Further examples of custom type, rendered on the fly.
  • Unique moulding near the footer helps emphasize the warm, welcoming, home-centric qualities of the site.