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    Electrical Racing Vehicle, Powered by Human Energy
  • Inspired by feathers, this is a concept vehicle designed for a TOUR competition, which seeks to disseminate sustainable culture through the power-assisted pedaling and accumulators that storage the kinetic energy to manage it  later during the race, getting 200% extra powered from the motor using the same pilot legs energy (existing technology).This is a vehicle for one person with a carving-type steering; it has a big sprocket  with a diameter of 18 in , offering high torque at speeds above 70 km/h, were aerodynamics starts to mater. (high performance bikes with shield body get more than 115 km/h like )

    As a feather this vehicle is light, strong, aerodynamic, trustable, sensual, and is used through natural power recourses to get to move forward. 

    A scale model of this concept vehicle was developed under the real automotive design methodology under advice of professors of the Royal College of Art in colaboration with Jorge Cross and Rodrigo Olvera.
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