• Aura & Fluidum - Of Weather and Men | 2013
    This project is about the relation of weather and us humans. The two magazines represent good and bad weather. The separation conforms to the approach of the western society on weather and serves as an easy access for the reader. By selecting certain contents in the magazines we challenge this view.
    Alongside classic articles about the subject, we created an encyclopaedia of meteorological facts: some spreads throughout the magazines show illustrations and information about weather phenomena. During the semester we interviewed people with special connections to weather. These witnesses give an insight into their everyday life. We met with a postman, a dustman and a vintner but also with prisoners and a mine worker, showing the effects of the abundance and the absence of weather.
    Everyone's talking about the weather. We listen.
    The bachelor thesis was created during the summer semester 2013 at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg–Schweinfurt under the supervision of Prof. Carl Frech and Prof. André Rösler.
  • You can find all of the illustrated letters here!
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