• It's finished! View the video below, or if click it to go to the main vimeo page to view in HD goodness!
    Below that are still the progress shots, I'll be adding a making-of video shortly.
  • Here are some progress shots of a short I am currently making, release date early May.
    Project is heavily 3d based with some live action shots and integration.
  • Decided to make 3d text in Maya for the title, a bit more than 24 hours to go!
  • Stillshot of animation in progress.  Created in Autodesk Maya, composited in After Effects.
  • 3d Earth Created in Autodesk Maya.  Post in Photoshop
  • Closeup of polluted Earth with crop experimentation.  Autodesk Maya, 8k maps.
  • Control Room 
  • 95% done crypod scene.  Used the 'endless hallway' trick using two mirrors to cut render time and poly count.
  • Un-textured ship
  • Ship wing texture test.  Autodesk Maya and Mental Ray.