A/SRH-C1 ASSAULT / SNIPER RIFLE - concept design (3D)

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  • The A/SRH-C1 is the latest pioneering technology from renowned gun manufacturer Dalton/Stanley and their specialist Tactical Weapons Division. The images presented here provide a rare look at their top-secret research into hybrid weaponry.

    The Assault/Sniper Rifle Hybrid (C1) enables the user to alternate between 'Assault' and 'Sniper' modes depending on their environment and requirements. Primarily the weapon acts as a lightweight close-range Assault Rifle. In addition to this, it is able to automatically convert into a medium-long range Sniper Rifle with computer-guidance laser triangulation capabilities built into the high definition night scope.

    The on-board guidance system allows the user to pin-point and lock-on to a designated target, where upon the built-in computer measures air particles passing through three invisible beams projected from the front of the weapon. The computer uses this information to calculate wind direction and velocity, resulting in it being able to provide the user with a more accurate alternative target for the shot, presented on the scope's viewfinder.

    Additional features of the hybrid rifle include a front-mounted high-beam light and laser sight, night-vision via a rotating adjustable top mounted scope, plus in-built, foldable front support legs for stability and greater targeting accuracy. With it's combination of ground-breaking features, versatility and lightweight construction, the A/SRH-C1 paves the way for Dalton/Stanley as the class leader of tomorrow's armaments.

    "I was able to take two [enemies] down at real close range, and within 30 seconds I was sniping the skull out of the back of a patrolling APC gunners' head. F***ing brilliant!"
    Cpl. A. Hamilton / HM Mechanised Rifle Squadron

    "It's just so goddamn easy. You set it up, point, it tells you where to shoot, and blam - your target no longer lives. What more could you want?"
    Lt. Gen. T. Sanderson / Royal Marine Corps.

    Modelling, animation and rendering done in Maxon Cinema 4D. Textures done in Photoshop. Video & audio editing done in Final Cut Pro.

    For more information about this project and hi-res images: www.jamiemartindesign.co.uk

  • A/SRH-C1 - teaser video