T H E   B R E A T H T A K E R S
  • « We are entering a new era. A time where the human race as we know it is facing one of the biggest changes of its time. Evolution has struck a new path.
    There is one need above all others which has pushed our anatomy to another extent of our development. Breathing under water. 
    Here breaks out the complete reversal of the human being's respiratory.
    The terrestrial and the underwater worlds trigger a fusion which blooms into a newborn species.
    This is the destiny of the Breathtakers. »

    Final collection at ESMOD Paris, France.
    June 2011 
    designed by: Feyrouz Ashoura
    model: Stephanie Lambert
    photographed by: Kader Hadjadj
  • _Jacket: Lamb Leather - Silk Organza - Python
    _Trousers: Silk Organza - Silk Jersey
    _Dress: Goat Leather - Silk Organza - Silk Gazar