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ASEC Rebranding
ASEC Rebranding
Ateneo Student Exchange Council
I joined the organization on my freshman year and stayed till senior year. ASEC is basically one of the earliest/oldest organizations in Ateneo, which is known to cater to foreign exchange and local students, engaging them to interact through various projects, activities and tours.

During my stay, I realized that the organization had very poor branding and lacked a production arm. Having learned enough about the organization during my freshman - sophomore years, I decided to take action upon reaching junior year.

I wanted to set the new logo in its current context and position with respect to the other organizations. The Ateneo divides its organizations into 9 clusters. ASEC (belongs to the Intercultural relations cluster) and AISEC (a global organizartion, and belongs to the business cluster) are the only orgs known to cater to exchange students. While AISEC deals with exchange programs with various schools, ASEC caters to the needs of the international and local community.

However, ASEC’s positioning in the organization sphere had a bad reputation, especially by the fact that ASEC and AISEC sound alike and are commonly mixed up, with the latter being more prominently mentioned.

ASEC provided what no other organization could, which was the community it fosters. International and local students engage in outings, dinners, and many other activities; it is this type of experience that makes ASEC one of a kind and sets it apart from all the rest.

Amidst all the other organizations in the Ateneo, ASEC had to stand out; it had to be celebrated. We wanted to re-identify who and what ASEC is, and why people should consider joining it compared to the other organizations, especially AISEC.
Old ASEC Logo
New ASEC Logo
Logo Story Concept

ASEC is an organization which definitely involves a lot of “door opening”, where the international and local students share the differences in their lifestyles, culture and interests.

There have been many instances where foreigners/exchange students have allowed their friends in ASEC to simply stay at their homes when they go on vacations, some even becoming lovers, and some simply just close friends.
It was this transformative aspect of ASEC which brought about the idea of a door “opening into the Ateneo”. A door that opens to a new world and different opportunities.

Simply put: When one joins ASEC, one is changed forever, and he/she will never look at things the same way.
The paper plane imagery then became our staple icon because it embodies how one “travels” and is “brought by the winds”. Folding a paper plane is also a craft and involves transformation.

People soon attributed the plane icon to the organization’s image, to the point that other orgs who used planes in their promotions caused confusion.
Logo construction
Logo Signature Guidelines
Logo Signature Guidelines
ASEC Letterhead

Header : Gotham light
Body text : Arial 10
ASEC Letterhead Back
ASEC Business card
ASEC Privilege Card | Front
ASEC Privilege card | Back

Includes sponsors and instructions on how to use the card
ASEC Lanyard Designs

Comes in 4 colors, 2 with white background, 1 with orange bg, and 1 with blue bg
Recruitment Week Poster 

"The poster that launched a thousand planes"

Recruitment week is one of the most crucial events for organizations in the Ateneo de Manila University.

Students are able to join in their organizations of choice. A fee of 100 pesos is required to join credited organizations (such as ASEC) and a lower amount for unacredited organizations.

During 2011 rec-week, ASEC had acquired 500+ members.
ASEC Shirt White | Front

“Where diversity diverges” was the tagline the president wanted for the shirt
Flags of other countries fly in one direction, following the Philippine plane.
ASEC Shirt White | Back
ASEC Shirt Black | Front
ASEC Shirt Black | Back
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