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    Below are samples of media work that I've created.
  • Image on left: Photograph by another Cape Cod artist
    Image on right: Title: Preparation
    Media Type: Mixed Media- Aluminum Plate Etching, Stencil, and paint.
  • Title: In Wonder
    Media type: Collage
  • Title: Different Seasons
    Media Type: Printmaking
  • Title: Emotion
    Media Type: Aluminum Plate etching print
  • Title: Serenity
    Media Type: Silkscreen print
  • Title: The Departure
    Media Type:Monoprint
  • Title:Riverside
    Media Type: Wood cut block print on newspaper
  • Title: Harold
    Media Type:Woodcut block
  • Title: Santorini
    Media Type: Paint, Collage
  • Title:Hands
    Media: Mixed Media- acrylic stick, pencil, collage
  • Title: The Fume of Sighs
    Media Type: Acrylic Paint