• ARTWORK 2007
    Artworks made by Bram Vanhaeren

    This photomanipulation I did for EvokeOne 14th event "fable" ( November 2007)

    My first experiment with drawings and photomanipulation. (Mai 2007)
    This is a work I made as an experiment with photograph of espador’s girlfriend. (June 2007)
  • BACK TO 90’s
    is a poster drawn 100% in Illustratorwith all kind of pastel colors. It’s Bram who went back to the ninetieswho was then a little kid living in his own dreamworld with rockets,planets and other space objects. (Mai 2007)
  • Happy Dreams
    a wallpaper in the unique espador style. (mai 2007)
    A3 poster to decorate my room. (july 2007)
  • Scream.
    A fast experiment when i was bored. (mai 2007)
  • Waterproof.
    is a design for an A3 poster to decorate our new room. (July 2007)