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    A fashion and installation series, interpreting the concept of artificial intelligence.  Through a series of images, the idea of an ever-present intelligence is presented, in an ethereal and interprative manner.  AI is often thought of as an extension of human intelligence, something that will extend our capacities beyond what is possible with our organic sentiments.  Already today, one might say that we’ve surpassed our intended knowledge – a nearly infinite amount of information is ever present, accessible at the whim of our interaction with our digital devices. 

    In this series, we’d like to extend this idea, and visualize the «phantom» of  AI.  In a physical context not too far from our own, a man encounters the ghost of his machine.  This phantom, a projection of the protagonist, is presented to the spectator in an obscured manner – not quite human, not quite machine. Rather than attack the subject of AI head-on with predictions or attempted constructions of how we will visually perceive AI, we are venturing on the route of expressing its possibility – its duplicity, omnipresence, sentiment, disposition – using physical materials and optical ruse. 

    The intention of this series, thus, is not necessarily to envision a future in which we practically interact with AI, but rather, the existential meaning of what it is to have a super-intelligence at our beck and call, and eventually, its departure from the very beings for which it was created.
    Photography BEN SANDLER
    Design / Set Design BONSOIR PARIS
    Hair / Hair & Make up AUDREY ROBION
    Production Assistant ARTHUR CIOS & LAURENE FLAMENT
    Retouching PROCESSUS


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