• Art on a Grand Scale
    Dreamed, concieved, created...
  • The long and winding road to Art on a Grand Scale

    Here's the back story: some years ago I was watching the movie Blade Runner.  The visuals in the film triggered my imagination.  All of the signage, billboards and neon were huge and above eye level because traffic was moving above ground.  What a wonderful concept, I thought.  So I visualized my artists work on a large scale.  Any place could be enhanced with beautiful art, commissioned by a client to share their vision... So the concept was born.  

    I decided to run with this idea and established a separate division with my current artists to create large scale fabricated art.  As the concept has developed I have added three dimensional artists and fine artists/contemporary artists with a variety of styles.  We have been successful in various areas including commercial, corporate, hospitality and institutional, both in the United States and globally.  

    Art on a Grand Scale is a work in progress.  We work collaboratively with creatives worldwide to enhance pre existing spaces and to be involved with projects from the very beginning.  

    Large scale art is not new.  Our ancestors, the cave men, did it beautifully, but what we have to offer is contemporary and evolutionary.  Here is art for the future. 
  •    Recent projects                                                                From bookstores to arenas...

  •       Western Union // Artist: Rudy Gutiérrez
  •       Barnes & Noble / Starbucks // Artist: Gary Kelley
  •       Bloomingdales // Artist: Vicki Khuzami
  •       Barnes & Noble Tribeca // Artist: Gary Kelley
  •       Montblanc // Artist: Mark Wiener
  •       Barnes & Noble / Starbucks // Artist: Gary Kelley
  •       Macy's 34th St. NYC // Artist: Rudy Gutierrez
  •       Tahitian Noni Trade Exhibition // Artist: Rick Farrell
  •       Focus Park / Ryknik, Poland // Artist: Rafal Oblinski
  •       Christopherson Robb and Company // Artist: Viki Khuzami
  •       Liberty Pointe Bank // Artist: Kent Barton
  •       Caterpillar Financial // Artist: Murray Kimber
  •       Andersen Windows // Artist: Gregory Manchess
  •       Barnes & Noble / Rockefeller Center // Gary Kelley
  •       The Roger Smith Hotel / The lab // Artist: Mark Wiener
  •       Po Ha Restaurants // Artist: C.F Payne
  •      Disneyland Tokyo // Artist: Vicki Khuzami
  •       HBO/The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden // Artist: Gary Kelley
  •       Univeristy of Northern Iowa Athletic Center // Artist: Gary Kelley
  •       National Geographic Society / Traveling Exhibit // Artist: Gregory Manchess
  •       Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum // Artist: Gregory Manchess
  •       U.K. Royal College of Surgeons // Artist: Paul Cox
  •       N.Y Botanical Garden // Artist: Vicki Khuzami
  •       Cincinnati Playhouse Ohio // Artist: C.F. Payne
  •       Focus Park / Ryknik, Poland // Artist: Rafal Oblinski
  •    Conceptual projects                                                             Spaces... the final frontier
  •    How it works                                                                       Fabrication and installation.
  • From 2D to 3D, and beyond...

  • 3D Art · Mosaic // Artist: Owen Smith
  • 3D Art · Relief // Artist: Owen Smith
  • 3D Art · Installation // Artist: Stephen T. Johnson
  • 3D Art · Installation // Artist: Stephen T. Johnson
  • 3D Art · Mosaic // Artist: Stephen T. Johnson
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