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Branding Art Of Kinetik

Digital Media
Website, Newsletter, Digital invitation, Blog, Boat Owners Page  
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 Print Material
VIP Book, Summer Tour Invitation, Mini Brochures, Paper Bags...

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Product Design
Fair Info Stand, Accessories, VIP gift, Press gifts

 Photo & Video Production

 Promotional video material
Art direction & Project management by Ivo Martinovic
Creative direction by Ivo Martinovic & Julio Woods

Photography & post production by Ivan Masic
Video production by Ivo Martinovic & Julio Wood (director & editor)
Graphic design by Stevan Cirovic, Tijan Boris Ninkovic & Aleksandar Perisic
Paper bags modeling by Borko Krastavcevic
Product design by Ivo Martinovic & Mladen Milosevic
Web development by Obrad Susa

Copy by Tim Braithwaite

Couple of photos by Ricardo Miras & Sam Barker

Logo design by Miles Newlyn (for Kane & Associates)

Special thanks to our line producers Dejan Mitrovic, Nikola Romic & AOK crew

All the print by Cugura Print House, Serbia.