• Cover
  • This is a Guide to Architecture in Extremadura, intended both to specialized and non professional audiences.
    As in the natural history books, it displays some explanatory diagrams in an effort to help understand complex documents.
    This Architectural Guide tries to edit and dissection the information in order to make it more accessible.
    This edition includes inserting data that allows a more complete understanding of the work, its context and even
    the extra-architectural medium in which it is inserted.
    Una guía de divulgación de la arquitectura en Extremadura destinada tanto al público especializado como al no especializado. Como ocurre en los libros de ciencias naturales, con sus diagramas explicativos y su esfuerzo por hacer comprensible un conocimiento inicialmente complejo, la documentación
    arquitectónica de la guía lleva un trabajo de edición y disección de la información para hacerla más accesible a aquellos destinatarios que carezcan de una formación específica. Esta edición incluye la inserción de datos que permiten un entendimiento más completo de la obra, de su contexto e incluso
    del medio extra-arquitectónico en el que se inserta.
  • Intro
  • A cinematic aproach to the different landscapes in Extremadura
  • Area 1 - Buildings are organized by sectors in the region. The opening to each sector is a photograph of the landscape of the area
  • Building chart: All the buildings are presented with a clear scheme with a text, an area map, with main buildings and references in the nearby, plans, sections or other documents, and phtographs with notations of complementary information.
    There is also a ruler in the left side that shows begining and ending time of constructions so that it is easy to visualize the "age" of the building and whether it had a long or short process of construction.
  • Area 2
  • Area 5
  • Thematic Itineraries: A guide to visit buildings included in the guide following a thematic subject, following the A5 highway, or visiting Thermal Houses and Spas
  • Seasonal Itineraries: Guide to visit the buildings in different seasons, following main events calendar. This is a choice for Spring and Summer
  • Seasonal Itineraries: Autum and winter
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