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  • A limited Application Package, completely handmade,
    showing my best work from the last few years.
    »I would love to work with you!« is the title of my job application as a graphic designer and Iillustrator. I sent them to three design agencies in Graz, Austria. I made a quite flamboyant lettering for the cover of the book, which is consistent with my personal logo. I chose the reddish pink tone to be my main color, because I wanted it to flash and I needed some nice contrast to the mostly white book. For the binding, I chose to do a simple codex bind for which I bought a thread in the matching color. My motivational letter is in this little self made envelope made of transparent paper. 
  • The final package
  • Inside the book: On the opening page is my personal logo, consistent with the rest of the application design
  • The bigger projects are each composed on double pages.
  • For the illustration section, I made a little cataloge, presenting the drawings on white or a simple color without any text, just an index number. The description of the project is found in the last section of the book with sample pictures of the applied illustration and a description.
  • Last but not least, my curriculum in the back of the book. I kept it neat and simple for it should provide a quick and easy overlook on my education, skills and experience.
  • The bookbinding process
    Visit my Portfolio for more work
    Thanks to Katrin for all the photographs!
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