APART movie poster 2010

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  • Concept sketches done for the Apart one-sheet. The uppermost left sketch will evolve into the finished product...
  • An exploration of title treatments for the one-sheet. The client eventually decided to use the typography from their opening credits sequence.
  • After the client homed in on a few of their favorite concept sketches from above, I began to flesh the ideas out a little more. These are rough drafts still, to be sure, but I felt like each of them were compelling possibilities. Again, the left image is the one that would move forward and, after a lot of playing around with the rips, finally became the final poster.
  • The Apart festival one-sheet, finish.
  • At one point, I showed this variation to the client. In the end, they couldn't quite decide whether they liked the ripped poster or the sliced-and-taped poster better, so they went ahead and commissioned this as an alternate one-sheet for the film.