ANDARES Urban Furniture

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    Inmobiliaria Premium / Plaza ANDARES

    We were invited by the shoping mall Andares, to develop an urban furniture project for the further extension of the VIP area. The project included the creation of rest areas, trash cans and fire hydrants. 

    The goal that we set for the development of this project was to build a new image with a personality that might be reference to the new plaza area, creating an urban, chic, original and purposeful, even in the use of materials. 

    Generate a modular seats allowing different configurations for suit the diferent needs of the plaza.
    The seat module was solved thinking in all aspects, from manufacturing and minimum maintenance, to the aesthetics wich was an important aspect for our client.
    The bench is manufactured with a steel structure covered with a matt finish granite.
    Also has a system that allows disassembled parts for be replaced quickly and individually in case of a maintenance problem without disabling the entire bench system. 
    The seat is covered with ceramic tiles that give it a unique and original piece becoming a new area icon.
    To provide greater convenience to users, backrest are designed to be selfsupporting on the ground and facilitate different modular configurations.
    In addition to the seats and backs, we create the “PAUSAS” piece inspired by the piece with the same name designed by Mauricio Lara in 2007, these pauses allow users to rest, or simply feel support them to rest and do a litle "pause ", they also function as furniture elements to generate special corridors or circulation within the space.
    As a aesthetic reference in the new design furniture, we used the classic design of the "shopping bags", the formal detail is all stainless steel sides of the boats, pause, fire hydrants and backrests.
    Trash receptacles have two containers that allow an orderly and simple separation of organic and inorganic waste. At the top was designed an ashtray with their own container for cigarette butts that in addition to prevent them getting on in the other containers, has an individual system for maintenance.
    For hydrants is also a module designed to receive the standard emergency equipment, integrates a light box for advertising publicity, this solution brings to the marketplace an extra element of communication and marketing to customers and / or suppliers, this being an extra income from the sale of these new commercials spaces.
    Urban furniture for ANDARES shoping Mall at Guadalajara Jal. México
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