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  • Ancient Civilizations is an Ipad App concept designed to allow Metropolitan Museum of Art visitors to explore the museum’s vast art collections of Ancient Civilizations, from around 4400 BCE—500 ADE. Intended to assist a visitor’s exploration, information is accessed through the apps general timeline, which shows the overlap of civilizations, with regions being defined by color. Each civilization section includes information on the museum’s art pieces, along with additional information about each civilization’s technological advances and population growth.
  • Civilizations are accessed through the timeline, with color used to differentiate various regions. Subtle label is used to indicate the various periods within each civilizations timeline. Further within the app, pieces are divided into periods, for example the Roman civilization into the Roman Empire {509—27 BCE} and Republic {27BCE—393ADE} or the Chinese Empire into its various dynasties.
  • Civilizations intro pages, give a shorten history of that period ie. famous leaders, wars, or cultural developments, that will help give context to the pieces presented. 
  • Layouts are designed to draw emphasis on the detailed imagery of the collection, with the ability to zoom into imagery. Users can navigate sequentially, by swiping left or right, or by accessing the artwork menu at the bottom of each page.
  • Accessible by the side menu, users can slide through a series of of maps showcasing the civilization's growth and decline.