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interview fab ciraolo
Interview Fab Ciraolo
Illustrator from Chile
Transforming pop culture deities like Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana into hyper-current hipsters, Chilean illustrator Fab Ciraolo’s work blends realistic portraiture and indie rock name dropping into a series of pastel-hued pastiches. Though Ciraolo grew up in Santiago, and lives there still, his illustrations are pulled from a world where the archetypes of vintage Americana rep international dance pop acts as varied as CSS, Vampire Weekend, and Justice. More than a derivative hodgepodge of cool bands and familiar faces however, Ciraolo possesses a visual aesthetic all his own.

“Doing what I do gives me the freedom to say what I want and how I want. I can express myself with no worries about what people will think,” Ciraolo said. “This is what I love the most about this job. I just do what I love and if other people like it too, it’s even better." (...)