ALBAGHDADIA Announcement Trailer (2010)

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  • ALBAGHDADIA Announcement Trailer (2010)
    Announcement trailer for the Iraqi TV channel Albaghdadia. To prepare the viewers for the upcoming complete change in design we created an announcement trailer which features the new logo for the first time and announces the start of a new "era".

    An arabic version of Parachute´s PF Square was especially designed for albaghdadia by Panos Vassiliou to match the needs of a consistent type-face in latin and arabic and which also guarantees good readability in small font sizes such as news tickers.

    CREDITSrole: design + animation
    client: al baghdadia channel, Iraq
    CD: Martin Kett,
    design: Christiane Scheibe
    animation: Christiane Scheibe
    font design: Panos Vassiliou, parachute fonts, Greece
    production:, Germany
    producer: Flint Skallen
    music: Martin Probst