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    Website Redesign

    One of my first web design projects was for a Canadian-based web business company called AKN. They initially asked me to spice up their current site with some new banners and minor adjustments before their launch. However, I found it best to completely recreate it.

    The client would not allow me to redesign the company corporate identity, making me work under very limited restrictions. This project was my first time to deal with the limitations of web design that is Google (SEO) friendly.
    Design by: Ayah Moustafa
  • Simple menu navigation up top, clear client logos for navigation between banners, and social media icons.
  • Simple drop-down menu for list of company services known as "solutions".
  • Example of internal page.
    Client: AKN Solution - aknsolutions.com
    Strategic advice and Web Development: Mohamed Mohiy

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