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  • AIR TAPTICSfor IPhone and IPad
  • Assess your reaction time, logic and mental agility in this app from the Air National Guard. Think you have what it takes? Prove it.


    It’s epic. It’s straight from the field. It’s Air Taptics.

    Complete sixteen missions across three modes: Training, Mission or Multiplayer. Training lets you try your hand at any of the Air Taptics missions as you learn how the app works. In Mission, you won’t have to choose the Air Taptics mission; we’ll give you one after another. And Multiplayer allows you to compete one on one with another player while selecting your favorite Air Taptics missions.

    Each game sends your heart, eyes and mind racing as you compete against the clock or other players. It’s exhilarating, and nerve racking, as you guide pararescues to safety, pack a cargo plane in record time, keep a fuel line intact mid-flight and man air traffic controls among others. Time to step up to and see if you have what it takes to rank in the Air National Guard.

    Pause your game at any time, or click back to the menu to start another challenge. Didn’t get the class ranking you thought you deserved? Automatically try again without ever exiting the game.

    It’s time to unleash the Air Guardsmen within.


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    All rights are reserved for "MOYO Studios"

  • 01. AIR TAPTICS Icon
  • 02. AIR TAPTICS Logo
  • 03. Pulse Game Art
  • 04. Eye In The Sky Game
  • 05. Air Boss Game
  • 06. Gauntlet Game
  • 07. Ping Game Design
  • 08. Aerial Intelect Game

  • 09. Fueling Friend Game
  • 10. Icons for the mini-games
  • Download Link:

    All rights are reserved for "MOYO Studios"


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