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Opera Aida Stage Redesign Design Studio IV, Prof. Vlatka Seremet GUC
An adaptation of the famous Opera Aida; AIDA 2.0 takes place in a near future setting where humans are unconditionally isolated from one another. Under the illusion of allowing us to communicate better, technology has isolated us from real human interactions in a cyber-reality that is a poor imitation of the real world, everything went behind screens and we became alone together.
A concept of a dynamic stage evolved to convey the qualities of the digital age; fast paced, adaptable, expandable, and transparent. All mechnical transformations performed by the stage set will be accompanied by on set workers and visible to the audience, reflecting the physical foot imprint all digital forms have in our world.
Below are extracts from the different acts scenery and positions of the stage along with a short stop motion trailer.