• ADFC – Round 2
    A high impact campaign for the 1 st officialMMA league in the Middle East – Abu DhabiFighting Championship – published through UAE major cities through different mediums,happy to announce that I won that account for Memac Ogilvy as it was open for pitching.
  • This is the final direction our client approvedand featured in media.
  • That was another direction proposed.
  • The pitch also included corporateidentity, below is the winner logo
  • Samples of traditional media adaptations.
  • Ambient media adaptation - Transparent posterhanged in malls bathrooms mirrors showing a skin cut, when people go to use thesinks they see how their faces would look like with the nasty skin cuts MMAfighters get during tough fights, a cool way to promote the event and getpeople hyped up.
  • Credits:
    Moh'd M. Khatib: Creative Direction / ArtDirection / Visualizer