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I conceptual wedding invitation
This is the invitation I wrote and designed for my wedding. The idea is that the book has two front covers and two stories which meet in the middle of the book, where they share the same ending.

If you have the time I've included the stories for you to read. It was the first time since school that I've written a story but found it surprisingly fun.

The flight of the Marshmallow Aviator

The Aviator flew out the front door, slamming it as he ran towards his faithful hiding place up in the protective branches of the apricot tree. The apricot tree had been on the farm longer than his own existence. He sometimes wondered why it didn’t just get up and walk away when no one was looking. He always hid there when he wanted some solitude and today he wanted to escape his older brother’s threats to tie him up and make him eat gooseberies, he could think of no worse punishment.

As the Aviator found his perch on the highest branch, a bright yellow triangular piece of material caught his eye. He stretched out to grab it and as he did so a red, then a blue, then a green triangle followed it, all tied by a single piece of string. “What have I stumbled upon…” but before he could finish his thought he was wrenched up, up, up into the air.

The Aviator had no idea what had just happened but he clung to the string of triangles for dear life. He only opened his eyes when he heard his name being called by his brother, who was running out of the house after him, trying to jump and pluck him out of the air. But the aviator was too high up and he kept rising higher and higher with every second he clung to the string.

He turned his vision to the skies to see what it was that was pulling him upwards, only to find that the string of triangles was in fact the tail end of a brilliant red kite. The kite was too far up now for the aviator to let go, if he did, he would plunge to his death. He had no control of where he was going and he had no idea who was pulling the other end of the kite string, all he knew is that he was in for an adventure, and the Aviator loved nothing more than adventures.

As he soared towards the clouds he watched the apricot tree get smaller and smaller until eventually it looked like a dot on a map.

The Aviator was flying between clouds now and there was an overwhelming smell of sweetness that filled his nostrils and lungs, he could almost taste it. He was too curious and could no longer fight the urge to let go with one hand as he reached out to grab a piece of passing cloud. To his delight the cloud in his hand was made of marshmallow and he gobbled it up without a second thought. How could his teachers have lied to him all these years, telling him that clouds were nothing but clusters of evaporated water. “Ha, what did they know”.
The Aviator continued to eat handfuls of marshmallow cloud until his lips started to shrivel up with all the sweetness.

The Aviator had been hanging onto the kite tail for some time and slowly but surely he started to lose the feeling in his hand that was entwined in the kite tail. He wondered how long the kite would fly before it was reeled back to Earth. It could be hours, or days or maybe even weeks for all he knew.

Just then a marvellous idea came to the Aviator that would make his adventure much more comfortable. As he approached the next cloud he swung with all his might, landing with both feet firmly onto the cloud but never letting go of the kite’s tail. The cloud started to drift along with the kite and the aviator snuggled in as he now found a vessel that would carry him wherever the kite may take him.

The Aviator found the cloud to be extremely comfortable, far more comfortable than any bed he’d ever slept on and it wasn’t long before he sank into a deep sleep.

The Aviator dreamt of sunny days on white sandy beaches and fluffy poodles who served him cocktails and played Bob Marley cover songs on a eukaleily. But the island began to shrink as the water lapped at it’s edges and eventually there was only a small patch of sand big enough for his two feet to stand on as the water licked at his ankles threatening to take him under…

Just then the Aviator was yanked out of his dream as he caught himself slipping off the edge of his marshmallow vessel. It dawned on him that while he was in slumber, his cloud had drastically reduced in size. He looked around to get his bearings and his gaze stopped very abruptly on a large, squiggly caterpillar who was munching away at his marshmallow vessel. “Oi” said the Aviator poking the caterpillar in the belly, “Stop that or we’ll all fall to our death”. The caterpillar had expanded approximately 320% over the past day and found it hard to resist eating the cloud. He confessed that he had a problem with will power. He introduced himself as Sir Humphery of Queenstown and explained to the Aviator that he found himself up in the sky after hitching a ride in the Aviator’s hair when he was taken from the apricot tree.

The aviator was pleased to have company for the first time in a long time. He negotiated that Sir Humphery would stay on his cloud vessel on condition that he only ate from passing clouds from now on.

Day turned into night and night turned into day. The Aviator and Sir Humphery had grown quite close at this point and Sir Humphery thought of himself as the Aviator’s co-pilot, kind of like Robyn was to Batman. Using his natural talents, Sir Humphery wanted to spin them matching silk pajamas but the Aviator said it was over the top so they decided on matching silk capes and balaclavas instead.

As the fearless Aviator and his silky accomplice were soaring through the clouds on yet another fine morning, the horizon line started to look unfamiliar. The Aviator got to his feet and noticed that the path ahead looked like a traffic jam of clouds. They were headed for a cloud bank at a rapid pace. The Aviator grabbed Sir Humphery under one arm and tightened his grip on the kite tail with the other hand. He braced himself for what was going to be a bumpy ride but nothing could prepare him for the thunderous roar that rattled him to his core when the clouds collided.

The two were flung off the safety of their cloud vessel, tumbling through the air for eight meters before landing and rolling on a field of marshmallow clouds. Loud thunder rung through the aviators ears with every movement they made on the blanket of clouds, followed by sharp sparks of lightening seconds after. It wasn’t long before lightening struck the red kite and singed three big holes into it’s bright red wings. The Aviator had to think fast before the kite lost all it’s will to float. The kite string was his only anchor back to Earth.

He took the silk cape off Sir Humphery and used it as a flying fox to slide down the kite string with Sir Humphery safely under his arm. As the two slid closer and closer towards the Earth the Aviator wondered why he hadn’t thought of this sooner but realized very quickly that there was nothing below him except miles and miles of ocean in every direction.

In the middle of the dark blue sea a white spec appeared more and more promising as it grew bigger and closer with every second. The Aviator soon realized that he was heading straight for a tiny island and all too soon he was about to meet the person on the other end of the kite string.

As he plummeted towards the little patch of Earth all he could make out were a black pair of Converse takkies and someone with really, really bad hair.
The Story of a Sailoress and her Shoelace

The Sailoress awoke to a bright and sparkly morning. She had a good feeling in her stomach and wondered what adventure the day held for her. She loved nothing more than a good adventure. She stretched like a cat, listening to all her bones click into place, then got out of bed to put on her trusty Converse takkies.

As she was tying her last lace, she knotted, then double knotted, then triple knotted, but no matter how many knots she tied, her lace would not come to an end. Her gaze followed her lace to the windowsill and continued out the window, through her front garden, down her street and down to the harbour. “How can I start my day if I can’t even get my shoe on properly” she thought to herself.

After pondering on this over a bowl of Jungle Oats and honey she decided to pack some sandwiches and find the end of her shoelace that day.

Down at the harbours edge the Sailoress pulled up the lace which disappeared into the darkness of the green sea. If she was going to follow this lace she was going to have to sail, so she unrigged her boat and set off for the high seas.

For days and nights she sailed further and further from the mainland. She used the stars to navigate her and if she got lost she asked the moon for directions.

Eventually she had eaten the last morsel of her sandwich. All that was left was the zip lock bag that it came in. She was growing tired and weak and her stomach kept talking to her, telling her to turn around and go home to some of Mom’s delicious roast chicken and crunchy roast potatoes. The Sailoress had come so far and she couldn’t help but wonder “What if the end of my shoelace is just a few meters away?” And so it was, that the Sailoress put her head down and pursued the never ending lace.

One fine day while she was cruising along, she realized she’d accumulated a mound of shoelace in the boat. She thought to herself “What would Bear Grill do if he were in this boat?” She crocheted her shoelace into a fishing net and dropped it into the sea hoping for the best. When she pulled up her first heavy catch, laden with calamari and chips, she cried with delight! She ate more than her fair share that day. Her catch was delicious and her tummy thanked her. The seafood feast had given her the strength to continue on her adventure without any
reason to turn back.

After being at sea for weeks the Sailoress had grown some rather impressive leg hair. She didn’t mind too much as it kept her warm out at sea but the hair on her head was starting to bother her. What used to be silky brown locks, was now a salty, tangled birds nest, where a kookaburra had since resided. The Sailoresss got on quite well with the bird and she nick named him Chook because she sometimes imagined him as a roast chicken.

Together they became the closest of friends and swapped theories on where the end of the mysterious shoelace would take them.

One day while they were sailing along, the boat came to a sudden holt. The shoelace became taught and would not budge? It made a B-line to the bottom of the sea.

The Sailoress felt rather perplexed. She’d come all this way and found this to be a very disappointing end to her mysterious adventure. She sat on the side of the boat looking at the lace disappearing into the dark blue and wondered what it would feel like to return home never having found out what was at the end of that lace.

She suddenly sat up and made a decision. She left Chook in charge of the boat and with a lung full of air she dove into the water and followed the shoelace down, down, down to the bottom of the sea.

Underwater she could make out a very large shape that was moving slowly like a submarine on the floor of the ocean. As she got closer she realized she was looking at a very large whale shark. The lace wound around his tail had him trapped. With her last seconds of breath the Sailoress swam as fast as her legs would take her to unwind the lace and set the whale free. As she did this the whale turned on her, peering at her with one big eye, he took in a large breath though his gills and out of his mouth produced one very large bubble that encompassed the Sailoress, allowing her to breath in the air that was trapped in the bubble. She thanked the whale and set on her way using the bubble as an underwater lung to follow the lace along the ocean floor.

She swam through schools of multi-coloured fish and forrests of kelp so tall she could not see where they ended. It wasn’t after a few kilometers that she realized the bubble had grown considerably smaller, it would only last another kilometer before she would need to surface.

In the hazy distance she made out a very, very big mushroom rooted to the bottom of the sea. It was so tall it stretched to break the surface of the water. This is exactly where the lace was heading! With a new found energy and excitement in her stomach the Sailoress motored towards the mushroom, swimming up towards the surface and finally crawling up the edges of the mushroom and out of the water.

She took a moment to catch her breath before taking in her surroundings. She was on an island and for a split second she almost forgot about the shoelace. Her gaze fell onto her hand which still clutched the lace at her side. It snaked through the white sand and around a palm tree then went straight up into the sky. She winced trying to follow the lace out of sight but all she could see was an enormous caterpillar and someone dressed in a balaclava and cape plummeting straight towards her.