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  • A New Face - MP
    Logo and website
  • The prepared materials are made by Helle Stendorff  Hansen & Henriette Engsig, May 2009 for a bachelor project in English for Science & Technology as part of the ICM study programme at AU-IBT.

    The logo is produced in illustrator CS3 and is made after the rule - It has been made in a variety of colours to exemplify the unlimited opportunities a simple logo offers. The new logo consists of a stretched square, which holds the letters MP. Both the tipped P and the stretched square add a creative dimension into the logo. Furthermore, the simplicity enables the logo to adapt to a specific target audience or theme by playing with the colours. 
  • The website is created in InDesign CS3 and the collages in Photoshop CS3. The layout is based on the most basic principal: the rule of thirds. The colourful graphics combined with white space create contrasts. Contrast is an excellent tool to use in order to achieve attention. Besides, white space leaves a visual breathing room for the eye (in contrast to the colourful and detailed collages), and makes each webpage appear less confusing and overwhelming.