A Subdivided Skyscraper

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  • Nolli Plan
    The downtown is made of skyscrapers as the dominant type, leading to decreased development in Downtown.
  • Section
    The committee decided to divide the skyscraper into cluster of spaces. Similiar to the Nolli plan of downtown where singular space is divided by streets, in skyscraper the space is divided by atrium.
  • External View
    The location of the programmatic components is chosen so that the dominant elements already on the site, the California offi ce tower and the residential , are incorporated into the system,
  • Floor Plan_Ground Level
    On ground level, The site is activated through the release of the ground level for the participation of adjacent diverse building block users. The plaza is not enclosed but ciruculated by the programmatic components above.
  • Floor Plan_Level 3
    On the 3rd level, the adjacent residential space is seen as a larger dominant programmatic block.It is welcomed by the introduction of plaza as a space of transition.
  • Floor Plan_Elevated Plaza
    Above it, the california plaza becomes another dominant block that is gathered into the site to feed into the elevated plaza.
  • Plaza Atrium
    This space becomes a congregational as all atria are directed towards this space. This space will hold event such as theatre and concert so that people allocated inside and adjacent to the space would enjoy the space collectivel 
  • Office Atrium 
    As this happen, the permeability of the space allow views to be shared with the plaza.As a person is viewing from the stair next to his offi ce the views are shared between the person in his offi ce and the shopper at the retail space.
  • Residential Atrium
    As all the residential space is located around the circumferance of the skyscraper, the residential atrium is smaller in size so that multiple residential atrium can act as multiple lightwell bringing light into the retail and plaza atrium.