A Study Of The Human Face

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    Photographic installation
  • In this series of photographs, Shi Wei seeks to challenge the traditions of documentary photography. Through the use of detailed analysis of the physical qualities of the human face, and coupled with objective facts of her subjects, Shi Wei seeks to reveal the truth behind one's face. She sought to deepen her consciousness through looking at the lives of others.

  • This portfolio is incomplete. For more information on this series, please visit my official website: http://shiweitehphotography.com or email: admin@shiweitehphotography.com 
  • Subject : Ng Say Kim, 76
    Occupation : Retiree
  • Subject : Paul Kohl, over 60
    Occupation : University Professor , Artist
  • Subject : Yoon Yeok Chin, 52 
    Occupation : Retail shop keeper
  • Subject : Ng Chew Lian, 50
    Occupation : Shop Owner
  • Subject : Quek Jia Liang, 25
    Occupation : Photographer